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Interview Techniques

Conducting a job-winning interview can seem like an impossible feat. But with proper preparation, effective employer research and fantastic follow-up, it’s easy to give an interview that will make you stand out from the pack. To help you hone your interviewing skills, we provide:

  • Practice interviews with career counselors to help you assess your interview strengths, weaknesses and nervous habits. Schedule a practice interview by calling 512.245.2645 and completing the practice interview request form (Note: you will receive a link to the interview request form once you have called to set up your appointment)
  • Up-to-date tips and information on important interview etiquette topics including professional dress, salary negotiations and appropriate interview follow-up
  • Handy guides on phone interviewing, in-person interviewing and conducting effective employer research in our Online Publications & Resource Center (check them out under the Career-Related Handouts section or view an A-Z index of them here)
  • Interview Stream, an online resource that enables you to record and receive critiques on mock interviews without leaving your computer

Let us help you take the stress out of the interview process. Schedule an appointment today by calling 512.245.2645!