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Career & Major Exploration

Career Exploration | Major Exploration

Career Exploration

Career exploration is the process of finding a rewarding career path, as well as identifying specific jobs within a particular career path. It is not “enough” to know your major; you must also know the careers that interest you and the steps that will help you land your dream job. Career Services' 4 Steps to Finding Your Future program outlines the career planning process by breaking it down into steps:

  • Self-Assessment. Who am I?
  • Exploration. What’s out there?
  • Reality Testing. What’s that like?
  • Implementation. How do I get there?

Keep in mind that the road to career happiness is often bumpy, curvy and full of tangents rather than a direct path from point A to point B. Download this PDF handout, which helps dispel some common career myths, or check out our career exploration library guide, which is a one stop shop with helpful online resources, handouts, free quizzes and videos that guide you step by step through the exploration process.

Major Exploration

Trying to find the right major for you? Finding out what you can do with your degree? We can help! Discover some potential career paths associated with a number of popular majors using our What Can I do With This Major? A-Z Index. Don’t see your major listed or need more in-depth guidance? Come visit the Career Services library or set up an appointment with a career counselor to learn more about major exploration and careers for any major.