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Free Assessment Inventories | Fee-based Assessment Inventories

Career assessments are a great step for career explorers, job-seekers and students at all stages of the career exploration process. Career Services offers a number of free and fee-based assessments designed to help you discover yourself and your career options.

Free Assessment Inventories

Our free assessment inventories help you identify your strengths, interests and more to determine the careers that might interest you. Please note, these independent tests have not been fully evaluated for reliability and validity. We strongly encourage you to make a counseling appointment to discuss your assessment results.


Focus2 – Our newest online assessment helps you discover where you are in the career decision-making process. Other assessments then build on this knowledge, addressing your interests, skills, values, personality and leisure time.

Your responses generate specific career possibilities, which you can research more fully within the site’s impressive database of occupational information.

Get started by clicking here and create your profile using the access code “bobcats”. Returning users can log in here, or by clicking the "Log in to Focus2" button.

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Career Decision-Making Difficulties Questionnaire (CDDQ) – This independent online assessment locates career decision-making difficulties and recommends ways to overcome them.

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Other Independent Assessments

Test Name Questions/Time Measures Additional Info
Reality Check Varies Salaries, Standards of Living Online quizzes help you start exploring lifestyle and salary requirements and discover occupations that enable you to meet them.
Holland Occupational Themes (PDF) 50 questions; about 10 minutes Interest, Career According to the theory of John Holland, PhD, people with similar interests often seek out similar work environments. This paper-based test helps you discover the work environments suited to your interests, abilities and personality.
Jung Typology Test 72 questions; about 20 minutes Personality Based on the Jung-Myers-Briggs typological approach to personality and similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, this test categorizes personality using four criteria categories.
Emotional Intelligence (Body Language) 20 questions in about 10 minutes Emotional Intelligence This test assesses your ability to correctly perceive and interpret facial expressions.
Learning Style Inventory 20 questions in about 10 minutes Learning Styles Do you learn by listening, seeing or doing? This test will tell you if you are an auditory, visual or tactile learner; and will share steps to take to enhance your learning experience.
Life Values Self-Assessment 55 questions in about 15 minutes Life Values This test will provide information about the importance of specific values, in rank order.


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Fee-based Assessment Inventories

These assessments can take your career exploration to the next level. Due to the nature of these assessments, test-takers must pay a nominal fee up front and obtain access to the assessments in person at the Career Services offices. Sign up for these tests at the Career Services front desk and schedule an appointment with a career counselor to review your results.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) - This classic multiple-choice personality inventory, based on Jung's theory of Psychological Types, assesses personality based on 4 criteria categories.

Strong Interest Inventory® - This assessment provides you with information about yourself and your relationship to the working world, leading to greater self-understanding and better decisions about your career and life decisions.

The Self-Directed Search - This popular tool helps individuals at all stages of the career development process make sound career decisions. It has been used by more than 29 million people worldwide, translated into more than 25 different languages, and its results have been supported by more than 500 research studies.

Have questions about assessments? E-mail Dr. Greg Hill at to learn more.

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