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Student Success Stories

Amanda Hepner

Major: Management with Sales and Entrepreneur Focus
Classification: Senior
Hometown: Round Rock, TX
Career Services is an amazing resource.  By actively participating
in their events, including the job fairs, it prepared me for the job search process. 
Thanks to Career Services I have had over five interviews and received two job offers.

Stephania Ortega

Major: Public Relations
Classification: Senior
Hometown: McAllen, TX
I was really glad that everything was in one office and
that I could come in whenever I wanted, make an appointment,
and be able to leave more confident about my job search process.

Staffon Adams

Major: Fashion Merchandising
Classification: Alum
Hometown: Houston, TX
The unknown is scary, but practice makes perfect.

Current Position: Executive Development Program, Neiman Marcus, Dallas, TX



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