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Salary Information

General Tips

  • Do your research. Before you interview or name a salary on a job application, know the going rate for your work (this calculation factors in education, experience, location and industry).
  • Don't be shy about negotiating. If you are happy with a first offer, you can accept without negotiating. However, negotiating is normal and expected; you'll never know if you never ask!
  • If you are asked to name a number, name a number range. Rather than giving one number, identify a salary range in which you'd be comfortable.
  • Do consider negotiating things other than salary. Vacation time, flexible work hours/conditions, health insurance--all may be negotiable. Consider the total package when looking for ways to negotiate.
  • Don't ask about salary right away. As a general rule, salary is discussed toward the end of the hiring process. Keep questions (and negotiations) until then.
  • Do request time to consider an offer. A reasonable employer should give you time to evaluate their offer; don't feel rushed to make a decision on the spot.


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