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Resume & Cover Letter Resources


48-Hour Online Resume Critique - Texas State University Career Services
Upload your Word document resume to have it critiqued by a career counselor.

Daily Muse - Resumes & Cover Letters
Advice blogs from The Muse, helping people find, get and excel at their jobs. Includes sections on interviews, job search and more.

Cover Letter  

Ask A Manager - Cover Letters
Blog featuring questions from job seekers, students, hiring managers and more answered by a former hiring manager. Other subject areas include resumes, hiring, resigning, management and more.

Vault Career Intelligence

Sample cover letters in many industries. Also features information on resumes, interviewing and more.

General Tips

  • Tailor your documents to the position. Be sure that both your resume and cover letter fit the job description.
  • Don't use gimmicks. Sparkly paper, loopy fonts or sarcastic wit should be saved for another time. A straightforward, dynamic presentation of your qualifications is key to drafting successful documents.
  • Be specific about achievements. Instead of saying that you "served customers," describe how many, how you served them, and in what setting. Focus on achievements rather than duties.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread! Typos are a no-no; edit your documents thoroughly and have them reviewed by a career counselor before you submit them.
  • Market yourself. Both the resume and cover letter are marketing tools meant to get you an interview. Always remember your audience!

    For more information about resumes and cover letters, visit our Resume Assistance page.