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  • PACE, Personalized Academic and Career Exploration, will change the way you approach your college education.

    PACE is a one-stop location where students receive help clarifying their career goals and establishing a specific educational plan to achieve those goals. PACE helps students chart a course that’s right for them!

  • Through hands-on academic and career counseling, the PACE Center will help you learn to clarify your career goals and assist you in developing and implementing an educational plan to meet those goals.

    PACE will also help you connect with mentors, activities and service opportunities through the efforts of the PACE mentoring coordinator.

    Overall, you will gain the personal and professional skills needed to explore career options.

  • The success of PACE lies in four basic initiatives:

    1. An advising, mentoring, and career counseling component to assist you with college orientation and preparation.
    2. A connection to your University Seminar class, a first year experience course, which will connect you to resources and services on campus.
    3. Access to college faculty liaisons, who will connect you to academic and career-related activities such as major fairs, professional networking opportunities and career panels. 
    4. Enhanced technology, including an electronic portfolio system, through which you will track your learning and prepare for academic and career success.
  • As you progress through your academic career, PACE will give you confidence to approach your future. You will know the classes you need to take and understand the activities and organizations you need to pursue.

    PACE will prepare you for success!

  • Through PACE, you will gain the skills necessary to be successful in college.

    You will learn to assess your future career opportunities in relation to your personal interests, abilities and values. PACE will enable you to choose career pathways and academic programs that match these abilities and map out steps to successfully complete your academic program.

    PACE will also aid you in choosing co-curricular opportunities to enhance your educational and career goals.