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Texas State University

National Student Employment Week

Annually, during the second full week in April, student employees at universities and colleges across the country are celebrated for their tremendous contribution, hard work, and dedication to the institutions they serve. Below are a few ideas to help you celebrate. For more information check out the NSEA NSEW page!

National Student Employment Week graphic stating: time to show just how much they shine; Career Services promotes: April 13-17, National Student Employment Week.

Celebrate Creatively

We are excited to see the creative ways departments across campus will celebrate their student employees during National Student Employment week. Be sure to let us know how you celebrate because we'd love to hear about it! If you post to social be sure to tag us! @TXSTCareers. Or send us an email:

Zoom Celebration

Schedule a Zoom gathering and invite students and staff. During this gathering you could conduct virtual ice-breakers and competitions, maybe even trivia about your office that perhaps only student employees know. Staff can express their appreciation for student staff during this meeting and also extend words of encouragement. We have found this face-to-face interaction to be very rewarding for all participants during this time of social distancing.

Virtual Thanks!

Ask departmental staff to submit a 5-15 second personal video in which they express their thanks for the student employees in their department. You could push these videos to your social media platforms with the permission of the individual contributing the video. Or, you could upload videos to your OneDrive and share directly with student employees. 

Send a Card.

Take a moment to create or write a personalized card for your student employee(s). If you have many students, recruit a few individuals from your staff to assist from their respective work locations. Then seal up the card and send it off. (Remember, during this time, do not lick envelop seals. Instead activate glue with water.) Personalized mail can make a very big impact during social distancing. You could also send personalized notes of appreciation through email. 

Want Another Way to Show Your Appreciation?

We have created a "Certificate of Appreciation for Student Employees" which can be mailed to your student employees during National Student Employment Week!