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Texas State University

Career Services Employer Tabling Request Form

Build brand recognition and awareness of your job opportunities by hosting a table in one of the busiest outdoor areas on campus.

Forms are due at least ten (10) business days before the requested date (weekends/university closures due to holidays excluded). A maximum of two (2) sessions may be requested per semester. All forms, policies, and procedures are subject to change. More information can be found on the campus access policies and procedures website.

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Employer Acknowledgements

Check each box below stating you have read and understand the following: *

Procedures and Regulations

  1. This space is a 10 X 10 dimension.
  2. Any give-away items free of charge, or for solicitation, must be in good taste and must not promote the use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs. Whenever possible, please support Texas State with your promotional materials.
  3. Groups soliciting may not interfere with the flow of traffic and must remain in the immediate area of their assigned table(s).
  4. Amplified sound is permitted in the mall area from 11:00am to 1:00pm.
  5. Use of obscene or libelous language or materials is not allowed.
  6. Littering and defacing of university grounds is prohibited.
  7. Any department/organization found in violation of policies may be asked to vacate its location, reservation will be cancelled, and may result in organization conduct procedures.
  8. Further explanation of policies and procedures can be found on the Campus Access website.  
  9. University Policies and Procedures regarding solicitation can be found at
  10. University Policies and Procedures regarding information only flyers and/or booths can be found at
  11. University Policies and Procedures regarding the Campus Expression area can be found at