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Athlete Network

Join a professional networking website of over 150,000 members from over 1,400 colleges and universities of current and former college athletes to:

  1. Build your network with professionals and mentors in your field
  2. Connect with 100's of employers to create professional opportunities such as jobs and internships
  3. Gain access to career advice, professional groups, and current trends in your field
  4. Create your professional brand and online presence with other athletes to advance your career

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Student-Athlete Resumes  logo AN

Athletes possess many experiences and skills that employers are looking for in a candidate!

Highlight your transferrable skills gained through your sport such as:

Teamwork                      Goal Setting                                            

Communication              Time Management

Leadership                      Discipline

Include your: time committed to the team, volunteer experiences, scholarships, athletic and academic awards, and any experiences gained from your collegiate athletics that gives you a competitive edge in your career path!

Use these sample resumes and tips to create a resume that will effectively display your athletic experience.

Tips for Resume (PDF, 197 KB)