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Request a Video Interview Room


Are you the student or alumni who will be interviewing?  If so, please begin with Section B.

Are you a staff member requesting video interview room on behalf of a student, an alumni, or your office? Is so, please answer the next questions before completing Section B.

B. Video Interviewing is here at Career Services!
Please complete and submit this request to make an appointment to do your Video Interview through Career Services:

Please answer the next few questions from the Interviewee's perspective, to best enable Career Services to assist you:

Equipment *

Software to be used [must have your own account]: *

Is this request at least two business days prior to the actual Interview Date? *

Thank you for your request.  You will be contacted with one business day regarding your request.

If you have not been contacted within one business day, please call Career Services at 512.245.2645 and ask to speak to the On-Campus Recruiting Coordinator or Bridget Sarbu, Welcome Desk Coordinator for Career Services.