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Before You Register (Students & Alumni)

Registering for Jobs4Cats is quick and easy, but you will need a few key pieces of information before you get started. Be sure you have your:

  • Banner ID - begins with an 'A'. This is your nine-character Texas State student code (Note: if you are unable to register your Banner ID in Jobs4Cats or have any questions, e-mail Include your complete ID number in the body of the e-mail)
  • Contact info - phone number and email addresses
  • Academic info - earned credit hours and projected month and year or graduation
  • Employment status info - work authorization and job search status (i.e. part-time or full-time)
  • Resume - you must upload a resume in Jobs4Cats to apply for positions. Visit our Resume Assistance page for help.

Now you're ready to register! Please note, the registration process will take approximately 15 minutes, and unlike other university database systems, Jobs4Cats does not update automatically. You'll need to return each semester to update your academic and employment status, resume, contact info, etc.

If you have questions about registering for Jobs4Cats or updating your profile, call 512.245.2645.

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