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Campus Jobs Frequently Asked Questions


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What are the student pay ranges?

The University Pay Plan references the range that student workers may be paid, and is further enforced through UPPS 07.07.03.

Who do I contact if I didn't get paid or have questions about how I am paid?

Your supervisor hiring manager can answer general questions about pay.  Specific questions about payroll should be directed to the Payroll and Tax Compliance Office, also see their FAQ's


What is the maximum amount of hours student workers can have during the regular semester and during the summer break?

The maximum number of hours that a student can work while classes are in session is 25 hours per week. International students are limited to 20 hours per week. 

While classes are NOT in session (winter break, spring break) students can work 40 hours per week. During SUMMER, if the student is enrolled in classes, they cannot work more than 25 hours. If they are NOT enrolled in summer they can work 40 hours per week, but they MUST be accepted/active students registered for fall classes to continue to qualify as a student worker.

Under all circumstances, the annual accrual of work hours must not exceed 1560 in order to maintain part-time work status under the Affordable Care Act.

Reference UPPS 07.07.03


Can a student remain employed in a department after graduation?

No. An person is considered a student employee only if he or she is a currently enrolled student who maintains a minimum of 6 semester credits hours. 

The final day of work must be the last day of the semester of graduation (typically, this is the last day of graduation ceremonies).

Do graduate students have to meet the enrollment requirement?

Yes, hourly paid graduate students must maintain enough credit hours to be considered at least a half-time student. Salaried graduate students must follow policies outlined in UPPS 07.07.06


Who verifies student employment?

Employment verifications for students are done by Human Resources.  Please contact Human Resources at 512-245-2557 for complete instructions on how to request employment verifications.

What information should be kept in student files within a department?

All individuals are encouraged to attend records management training; classes are offered each long semester and they are designed to equip employees with tools and information to make good decisions about managing university records.

Click here for a short list of common records listed in the Records Retention Schedule found in nearly every office.

Is there a required evaluation form for students?

No. Career Services does not mandate the use of an official student worker evaluation form.  However, supervisors are encouraged to evaluate performance every year.

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